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@FIREredfour8325 @danabrams Can we get a department to run down to @ABC and make sure there's no more covering up for pedophilia

@Kelly_Is_Pissed @mezzSINGchur @Carpediem4989 @ABC No, i believe in stricter gun laws & I support a ban on assault weapons used in war, designed to mow as many people as possible down quickly. I was raised on a farm, I'm not against guns, I'm against our astounding gun violence incidents. Responsible gun owners should agree.

@ABCPolitics NEW: House Democrats have issued subpoenas for all four White House officials who are expected not to appear for depositions before the House impeachment probe this morning, officials tell @ABC News.

@pennyarnie @sheeshkabob @ABC If his state of mind is not good enough on a call, then it’s certainly not good enough to be the president 🤷‍♀️

@HarperHornaday @cbusconserv @RUSTIMCCOLLUM @BuyLowCashOut @noblesseobleezy @trumphavnopp @Education4Libs @realDonaldTrump @ABC Why do you hate me so much? Why make all of these assumptions? If you took time to talk and waited for a response maybe we could find some common ground. I don’t understand the need to ‘own’ me, to destroy the ‘libtard’? I’m not your enemy.

@sommermatter @ABC Economic Club of New York did not react enthusiastic, @realDonaldTrump even had to ask them to be nice an clap the hands.

@NickAmesJackso1 @ABC @rachelvscott Billionaires tell us they have worked hard for their wealth. No, their employees have worked hard to make them rich. Most of these pricks could not do even the most basic task to keep the company going

@Davidfergerson2 @AndyLini @StrangestofTime @ChakalRudy @ABC Gun manufacturers distribute to either law enforcement, military, or Licensed dealers, and that’s it. Which one should not have them?

@atldukewife @ABC Unless laws on the books are enforced by prosecutors nothing will help. So how about holding your governments accountable for the laws to protect animals. The only incentive to curb abuse will be in laws, fines and jail time. Being indignant on twitter will not help an animal

@JoelleAdler @BSpaniel91 @mariashriver @yashar @SavannahGuthrie @RonanFarrow @ABC Omg really that’s your answer. I’m not even going to dignify it. Yes let’s protect and defend pedophiles and predators.

@NumbersMuncher ABC News had everything on Epstein *three years ago* and spiked the story... including stuff on the Clintons. And @ABC's chief political news anchor is George Stephanopoulos, former advisor to Clinton. Not a great look for ABC News. #EpsteinCoverup

@DianPink2 @ABC Why does it come down to how much money a candidate raises ? Why not have it come down to the candidates platform.

@donnac58 #Trump's theory on how to hide the truth and to confuse the public is to lie over & over again. His dishonesty should not be repeated. @ABC @NBCNews @NBCPolitics @CBSNews @NewsHour @CNNTonight @TheLeadCNN @fox5sandiego @CBSThisMorning @ABCWorldNews @Newsy @haystacktv @YouTube

@hellothere3332 @SkellyGordonM @Tyrone_LiL_Sky @ABC Why? Are our teeth not designed to chomp on flesh? Ever seen a fist fight? Nails... yeah, not great weapons today, but still can painfully scratch.

@MrsHazelWinn @FlyCitationX @KnowYourGreen1 @EatMyAssWholee @PhinzD @sroth35 @ABC First, lies you tell. I have great respect for the constitution second, did you not read the last part of my statement. Agree to disagree & move on. ✌🏼

@roncarlson1 @kokoeverett @45HarisonHarold @Kirkus_McGurkus @Shayarm @GregoryJHall1 @liltilgerlil @Michaelcraddo16 @Tractor444 @QArmyInfo @AmericAnon57 @TresaBridges @DebbieS00267284 @BPPope @SoarOnTheWings @VonYugen @robin_ked @SpankyTheDog1 @Fairbanks357 @PunkyPaneteddo @RedDragonFly19 @WWG1WGA @bbl58 @TrumpCanuck @jonathan_wcm @Jingoman111 @LynnStueber @XHawk80 @LadyRebel144 @DemonteAnna @EYEDROPMEDIA @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @johnbugaj1 @donnie_maga @SenateGOP @GOP @GOPChairwoman @HouseGOP @RepMcClintock @senatemajldr @Liz_Wheeler @IngrahamAngle @TuckerCarlson @seanhannity @CNN @MSNBC @ABC This fact he has never been called a racist previously is something that proves to me @realDonaldTrump is not part of the “establishment” and this irritates the hell of the establishment. I pray to God he gets re-elected. 👏🏻

@BSpaniel91 @JoelleAdler @mariashriver @yashar @SavannahGuthrie @RonanFarrow @ABC Stop the madness. Women are not helpless fragile creatures always in need of protection. Adults understand power and control belie sexual predation. The way to reclaim both begins with ending spitefilled quests for vengeance and beginning the process of healing.

@jdenver @millsmedianet @realDonaldTrump @DaveDuniversal @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff @GOP @GOPChairwoman @TheDemocrats @senatemajldr @SenateDems @WhiteHouse @HouseDemocrats @funder @PalmerReport @ABCPolitics @CNN @maddow @HuffPost @CBSNews @ABC Charlie, everything I respond with has some kind qualifier as to why it's not good or I am looking at it from the wrong perspective or I haven't been fair. Done with the dialogue. Let's let it play out. Talk to ya after The House votes to Impeach Trump. #ImpeachmentIsComing.

@beavobest @ABC I would not talk to the police either. I would only talk to my lawyer.

@BlindEagleAce @shane_ramage @ABC Actually, if you purchased a beer and then get into a crash or die and was clearly intoxicated.Then people are legally allowed to sue whatever company or store gave them that last beer that may have caused that accident.

@Freedom_24_365 ABC News Live - @ABC News “working for you” says ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ WHAT A CROCK OF BULL SHIT AND YES WE “ WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH” something u have no idea what it means traitor

@___1__1___ @run8111 @anti_ball @CosmicSlope @DebSharp8 @ABC I’d rather have one at all times and never have to use it than needing to use it and not having it. You never know when a criminal or harm is coming your way so you prepare yourself. It’s not like the criminal says “hey dude I’m robbing your house at 2 am so be prepared”

@phajelk @TheBaldVegan @Ginger_Zee We have NO idea what it takes to be a meteorologist let alone one who is nationally known! You owe my girl an apology. No, I am NOT her mother but I’m old enough to be! Please keep up the great work you do protecting animals. I wish more people did @GMA @SamChampion @ABC

@DapperAlexander @Tyrone_LiL_Sky @ABC Yeah that's not exactly an apt analogy. A more apt analogy would be cigarettes using cartoons to sell cigarettes. I don't care about your opinions on "liberals" or why you think a nation is divided. This court case is setting precedent like I knew it would.

@roderrick6201 @ABC Hey, Joe, you and Obama did nothing for them but promise and not commit proper LEGAL way to enter this country. You both are the problem, now President Trump will fix YOUR PROBLEM.

@WildBill4701 @MatthewBetley @USNavy @NavalAcademy Legacy of Obama, Mabus. They did their best to destroy Navy, Marine Corps, with flag/general officers as willing accomplices. Not my Navy, not your Marine Corps. Even worse than I experienced during VN War, which says a lot. Military politicians, not warriors. @FoxNews @ABC

@virginypaz @Takethatdoctors @mystyb @ABC not the study per se, but like the article says, the "study" was manipulated just like the cholesterol one, to reflect the right numbers for fda approval.

@RemiGves @ABC There are so many cases where people stop speaking to police not because they're guilty but because doing so would only help the police put them behind bars for something they did not do.

@run8111 @___1__1___ @anti_ball @CosmicSlope @DebSharp8 @ABC I sure do, but I prefer living where you don't have to lay down and worry every night. A neighbor once told me he did not lock his doors because if someone wants something bad enough - they break in - in broad daylight, and not when you are at home at night and sleeping in bed.

@MariaCFilippone From 17yo boy in Gaza today ‘stairs became murderer I escaped w school bag on my back/promise of future amid bombs trying to erase it’ @NPR @BernieSanders @jjz1600 @cnnbrk @NBCNews @CBSNews @ABC @GayleKing your tax$ at work they’re ppl not militants/terrorists stop the bias

@Davinci3144 @justshootback @CosmicSlope @DebSharp8 @ABC "Can be used"... meaning that self defense is a secondary purpose and not its primary intention. Guns were invented primarily to kill. Cars weren't designed to kill people, hence all the safety features that have been implemented. But it's a nice attempt

@watspn1013 @magambill @ABC @CNN @MSNBC Please do not hold your breath. I’d like to hear Schiftty on this too. Did he KNOW about this? Is that why he won’t allow him to testify? Get on this Republicans!

@run8111 @anti_ball @___1__1___ @CosmicSlope @DebSharp8 @ABC It was not about taking anything away. Only stated why do you need these at this time? Maybe some day, but not right now. If you want to buy them, put them up because the Dems may try to make it that you can't buy them, but that won't happen. Don't need them right now though.

@yerbero44 @justshootback @CosmicSlope @DebSharp8 @ABC Are you people saying that any of those things are on the same level as guns? Da fuq? You must be crazy , yes anything can kill But guns are specifically design to kill , not to comb your hair, not to start your car, To KILL

@jraymond9205 @ABC Big difference between troublesome and criminal!!! What’s troublesome to you may not be to me, it’s an opinion thing! That’s all this hoax is, difference in policy opinions!!

@DebSharp8 @EricOls34015010 @ABC Exactly, where would it stop? “Watering-down” personal responsibility seems to be the route often taken.

@Carpediem4989 @mezzSINGchur @Kelly_Is_Pissed @ABC Start helping us to push STRICTER GUN LAWS so the wrong people don’t get their hands on the WRONG GUNS. If not, stay out of this lane and off my page.

@impeach_mf @Carpediem4989 @pops152236 @ABC Republicans can lie, they can make excuses until their balls fall off and it is not going to make any difference !

@THEKaceyDea @DapperAlexander @ABC @StabellBenn Maybe because good research results require Empirical Data~I don't have time to post the thousands of studies linking vax to poor health outcomes in some people~I pointed you in the direction of actual researchers; not government/pharma rhetoric~Good luck with your health!

@Linmarka @newsbusters @dbongino Just the reason why I don't watch the lying MSM. They are a bunch of pravda dems who want to destroy our country. Not going to happen. #WalkAwayFromDemocrats #Trump2020LandslideVictory @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews

@ShaunMaloney2 @ABC They had plenty of time to apply to be citizens. They chose not to. There are several underprivileged DREAMers in this country that can use the help these illegals are getting.

@DebSharp8 @pc2005 @ABC We’re talking about what products are used for... not my main point - why should it be the gun manufacturer’s liability? I don’t think it should be. I know this case is about advertising, which I have read. To me that is a “go-around” since they can’t sue on more direct terms.

@DrewWitham @ABC Almost beautiful but not good. At least the wind seems to be off-shore.

@samanthah92498 @NBCNews @ABC @CBSNews @News12BX . A class w no clinical instructor for weeks due to her "quitting" the job, because students complained she physically yanked us out of patients rooms, not teaching us and was constantly verbally rude and abusive with how she would talk to us.

@ShahlaMohyi @ABC Most of these readers are brainwashed, they are not expected to see anything except black!

@astrachanideas @Marston4ca42 @NBCNews @CBSNews @MSNBC @ABC @CNN I've actually met and talked to Sarah Palin, at a "do," and found her quite charming and laughs easily. I get the sense Nikki Haley is cold and brittle and hasn't laughed a day in her life. Not a good sign. When Sarah Palin, of all people, casts you in the shade, well....

@pc2005 @DebSharp8 @ABC Not everyone intends to use it but yes the only reason buy a gun is too shot a person, you dont use it to clean your toilet. Please dont bring hunting weapons into the argument either, still used to shoot something. I own two handguns. I own them to shoot people who mean me harm

@larryelder Was the Epstein story spiked by @ABC news Chief Anchor @GeorgeStephanopoulos?!? It's not like #Clintonopolous--BClinton ex-campaign aide/ex WH aide/Clinton Foundation donor/Epstein dinner party attendee AFTER Epstein did jail time for prostitution--would have anything to hide...

@c21rural @ABC Sad so sad! America is not what it used to be!

@___1__1___ @run8111 @anti_ball @CosmicSlope @DebSharp8 @ABC Nowhere does the 2nd amendment say that you must keep your gun in your closet or gun cabinet so people dont have to listen do you there. Just like you said that you have a 1st amendment right wether I like it or not which you do, people have the right to bear arms, even in public

@Kerryactivism Sandy Hook was a False Flag. NOBODY DIED. Now I see they're going to use it as an opportunity to shut down gunmakers. Supreme Court clears way for Newtown shooting victim families to sue AR-15 gun-maker - ABC News - via @ABC

@Hilemarka @ParentChallenge @j_gelling Joke? Huumm. You have believed another lie. Just watch this video that whistle blower gave to @Project_Veritas. @arobach in her own words! How is that not real facts about how @ABC covered up the #EpsteinCoverup ?

@snowflake_not How about the award for subjecting countless additional girls to rape and child abuse? Congratulations @ABC and @CBS @CNN and the other MSM who claim to care about women and are shown to be hypocrites.

@crescentchique @SymoneDSanders @ABC I can not locate last night's town hall...any idea where I may be able to view it? I hate that I missed Joe!

@magentareddot @ABC This is Man made fires! Something big is going on there and in the United States with these fires. It's like there clearing these area's for a military invastion of some sort, believe it or not!! Because it to many fires at one time!

@MrJones_tm @OleRawgabbit @ABC Yeah, someone who kills a child is pure scum...? How is that not an accurate statement? I even followed it up with "if she had anything to do with it" Maybe you should learn to read, f*cking moron. I'll try my hardest while I hit the block button, you're too dumb to argue with

@marianneryan15 @ABC Why did rescuer not rake both dogs to vet straight away

@SteveReiger @ABC Do not forget the vehicle manufatureres that have been used by terrorists and criminals, to murder people.. Those families need help too, and its the auto manufacturers fault!!!!! Those vehicles would not have been there, if the manufacturer didnt decide to make it.. Their fault

@newone28 @hicapted @Reasons4Thought @cjaye162 @ChrisOw65395946 @JamesOKeefeIII @ABC @JesseBWatters Which is what the this whole tweet thread was about but y'all only want to talk about ol Billy and not everyone who has been involved with him including Trump. That's why Twitter allows you to do more than one tweet.

@elvinsgirl @AnastasiaSchen3 @bigmamaposter @DonaldJTrumpJr @TheView @ABC Well yes, yes it does you were comparing him to Epstein and that is simply not true.

@TTay1223 @denise4925 @TomHolliday7 @Education4Libs @realDonaldTrump @CNN @ABC @MSNBC @RepAdamSchiff We will see how things shake out if things ever make it to the Senate. Everyone will be questioned at that point from the beginning like it should be. For me it’s hard to trust any MSM when they report the @JussieSmollett hoax, fake Syria video in KY, but not report on Epstein.

@my2cnz #LiftPaywalls I sincerely hope that ALL media will lift their paywalls during entire #ImpeachmentHearings so that EVERYONE may tune in to watch LIVE who do not have TV subscriptions: @MSNBC @CNN @FOX @ABC @NBC @CBS @KUSI @PBS @CSPAN @CNBC

@GoCoffeeEnergy @ABC 🤣 It's their business! It would be against their shareholder's interest to not try to grow the company! It's a .22 caliber rifle that has cheap plastic vs expensive wood. You don't get much smaller calibers. 🤪 300 people died from rifles while 1500 from knives and clubs. Hmm?

@HillaryKenyon @ABC Let’s be real- she’s trying not to cry because that’s her big day and he upstaged it

@JERRYKATZMAN1 @FiveThirtyEight @ABC This does not matter until all facts get out from trial and some GOP witnesses allowed to cross examine

@FreeFourEver @MSNBC @ABC @CBSNews @nbc @CNN When I come across a news source I'm not familiar with I check them out on If I feel compelled to tweet a news source that has less than a 'HIGH' rating for factual reporting, I mention it. It would be great if there was something similar for politicians.

@GOP_Ghost @ABC Young my arse. They were young, they are not anymore. Plus they have had years and years to get naturalized.

@run8111 @___1__1___ @anti_ball @CosmicSlope @DebSharp8 @ABC Do whatever you want to do buddy. I am sure you will anyway. Your problem is you have no peripheral vision. You think everyone is out to get you. Defiance is not always best. I am sure you will feel better knowing that your guns is like your pacifier that you probably sucked on.

@DaveDuniversal @jdenver @millsmedianet @realDonaldTrump @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff @GOP @GOPChairwoman @TheDemocrats @senatemajldr @SenateDems @WhiteHouse @HouseDemocrats @funder @PalmerReport @ABCPolitics @CNN @maddow @HuffPost @CBSNews @ABC Permanent stain when not ONE REPUBLICAN - Not ONE - voted for the imrpeachent inquiry? Dude the only ‘stain’ is a Partisan witch hunt. Russia 2.0 will be looked on as a stain in our democracy. A COUP to try and overturn an election by partisan HACKS!

@DapperAlexander @Tyrone_LiL_Sky @ABC @Scotus So your game plan would be to defer BACK to SCOTUS? Who do they appeal it to? Are you sure you at least read the article? SCOTUS will not block the lawsuit. Case is going to trial & discovery will put all the things they don't want, out in the public sphere.

@OleRawgabbit @MrJones_tm @ABC Mr. Clown: LEO's consider her to be a person of interest. Whether she is involved or not any future conversations should be through an attorney.

@anti_ball @run8111 @___1__1___ @CosmicSlope @DebSharp8 @ABC Im not into debate. The idea is that you have the right to own any object you can buy or create. Nobody has the right to take your property either.

@CHARLES60257301 @ABC The impeachment process against TRUMP is a shame sponsored by the losers of the presidential election, who do not accept the outcome of the ballot box. It is a SWAT. It is a disrespect to the voters.

@pc2005 @DebSharp8 @ABC The intent when buying the car was not to hurt others. The intent when buying the drinks was to get drunk which can lead to hurting people. The intent when buying the gun was to hurt people.

@wagobran @Julies_Update @ABC Let me know when dozens of people are killed with a knife or hammer in minutes. If you define a "cupcake generation" as one who doesn't want to see children mowed down in a classroom by a guy with a machine specifically designed to murder, then sign me up.

@ii_nason @ABC Deporting these people is like imprisonment for loitering. There are too many people afraid of public spaces as it is and its a harsh response to what shouldn’t be much of an issue.

@DebSharp8 @pc2005 @ABC With that thought process, are you saying everyone who buys a gun intends to hurt someone? Hell, not even in the Wild West was that the case.

@lwatcdr @sharky7915 @ABC Really? You think that if someone was refused service because they where a person of color, transgender, or wore a support Obama shirt it would go un reported? You are nuts if you think that. No you shouldn't be allowed to not take someone's order because of any of those reasons.

@snowflake_not @brianstelter @realDonaldTrump @seanspicer What about @ABC @CBS and your own network failing to report the Jeffrey Epstein story? Or do you only do fake and stupid “news?”

@krrraaab @ABC What legit reason could any innocent mother have for not cooperating with those who are busting their asses to find her missing daughter?

@MichaelMurphr17 @LindaClawson3 @ABC Your right they should teach a brainless tool not to kill

@InsanitiesEdge @hf_marcelo @1984JohnGalt @ABC I dunno kid..... almost seemed to not give a shit or break stride.... no swerve or acceleration or anything.... fuckkkkk hardcore! Lol

@HarperHornaday @RUSTIMCCOLLUM @cbusconserv @BuyLowCashOut @noblesseobleezy @trumphavnopp @Education4Libs @realDonaldTrump @ABC Me too! Esp more and more. It can be hard not to get caught up in the troll frenzy.

@BudDay10 @Carpediem4989 @Dadbod97992267 @ABC And as someone pointed out, this could potentially destroy any arms manufacturers who have produced assault rifles. Of course, it's NOT going to eliminate the rifles already out there.

@flitesurgn @angelikastalman @ABC Debates are won by better debaters, not by facts. That’s why science deniers continually clamor for public debates. Not only does it give the impression that “their side” is on equal footing as the science side, but it also gives them the ability to dazzle with heaps of bullshit.

@CHARLESTHOMASV3 @ABC Another elitist white liberal shitbag. Willing to sellout everything good about this country. To advance his & his own parties. Unquenchable thirst for power. By over pandering to illegals for votes. It's not your parents or grandparents Democratic party anymore ! And thats sad !

@FlyCitationX @Cigar_General @MrsHazelWinn @EatMyAssWholee @PhinzD @sroth35 @KnowYourGreen1 @ABC Not according to uneducated idiots they don't.

@jdenver @millsmedianet @realDonaldTrump @DaveDuniversal @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff @GOP @GOPChairwoman @TheDemocrats @senatemajldr @SenateDems @WhiteHouse @HouseDemocrats @funder @PalmerReport @ABCPolitics @CNN @maddow @HuffPost @CBSNews @ABC Biden was not the President, there are no charges. Trump is the President and you cannot solicit a foreign govt to interfere with an upcoming election via investigation of a potential rival. Lots of corruption but this is the only case Trump asked about.

@InsanitiesEdge @James91245233 @ABC Not allowed to hunt and fire weapons in close proximity to homes or communities, so no, you cant just hunt down these birds that are residing in the neighborhood.

@millsmedianet @jdenver @realDonaldTrump @DaveDuniversal @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff @GOP @GOPChairwoman @TheDemocrats @senatemajldr @SenateDems @WhiteHouse @HouseDemocrats @funder @PalmerReport @ABCPolitics @CNN @maddow @HuffPost @CBSNews @ABC You are a good guy and I respect your passion and do not want to imply in any way that I am minimizing your concerns. But this I will tell you:

@Gueta44779402 @ABC I have an AR and will never use it to blow the shit out of innocent people. People need to be held responsible not the gun manufactures

@MrsHazelWinn @KnowYourGreen1 @FlyCitationX @EatMyAssWholee @PhinzD @sroth35 @ABC 2nd amendment never gave us the right to WHATEVER weapon we wanted. Certain weapons have no place in hands of civilians. 👏🏼 Point 👏🏼 Blank 👏🏼& Period! Now let’s agree to disagree. Because clearly your mind will not be changed ✌🏼

@BrianStrutter @ABC @abc3340 Our govt has allowed these guns to be sold to civilians. Why not sue the govt as well since they allowed it. Where does liability end? All we do in this country is seek a higher dollar to blane and sue. Ridiculous. The gun makers DID NOT kill nor intend their gun to kill kids

@synapticflow @ABC What an utter foolish shame! What's next? Sue the shooter's parents for birthing a child with working hands and fingers? Sue the bullet makers? SMH America. This is just a sneaky way to try to accomplish their agenda. "Now we can just sue all guns away."

@cryptomineryz83 @ABC My ar just sits there it's not Killin nobody unless they want to break in my house. Guns only sit there till someone picks em up. It's the fucking stupid people that need controlled not the guns. People = 💩

@alliemarie777 @ABC What’s next? Are families going to be able to sue auto manufacturers because of a drunk driver that killed their loved one? Don’t laugh and say it’s absurd. THE PERSON WHO PULLED THE TRIGGER DID THE KILLING NOT THE GUN. #SCOTUS 2A

@DCook70314444 @Jamiepe83258453 @ABC An automobiles sole purpose is NOT to kill or mame!

@samanthah92498 @NBCNews @ABC @CBSNews @News12BX Lets talk about Bronx Community College and the needs of students not being addressed. So horrible, I emailed the president of the school to schedule a meeting with him for it to only go back to the head of the nursing department and nothing done.

@_Resistance_HQ_ @MAGAmang @ABC Oh, you have hurt me deep or is that derp. Your President cozies up to Communist Leaders and I'm the Russian Communism lover?! Socialism DOES NOT equal Communism just as Democratic Socialism does not equal straight Socialism or Communism.

@caekislove @somatose001 @DebraKe98192288 @nathan_deming @ABC You dont get it. If you claim something as ridiculous as there being hordes of hippies camping out in airports just waiting to harass returning veterans, you've got to provide the proof. I dont have to prove something didn't happen. Not happening is the default.

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