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@D_awnSeekUp41 @neeceeshoo @ABC I hope you are correct. Stilll not understanding how dumbed-down this country has become to fall for it in the 1st place.

@tehipisehaka @PZackerine @ABC Try this.. It was NOT only Blacks that a noose was USED on... MANY Whites were hung.. It's just the fact that Liberals have "OWNED" the Noose for blacks, to forward their racist agenda...

@KurthardtJr @tom_beshere @ABC @TheRickWilson Nobody forcer bubba to double down on Don Lemon and The View. 2 shows that spew propoganda

@Rayan_Bamas @ABC @GMA Donald trump could have saved lives by forcefully declaring that everyone must wear masks. Instead, he packs his supporters into tight spaces, makes em sign waivers not to sue him, lets them spread it, and says don't worry, COVID-19 will just go away. He is a MURDERER.

@BurghamKarl @ABC Trump need to back the F off. He needs to stay away from sports and needs to do his job (being a president) he is making our country a laughing stock and this is not a tv show. It’s real life and u got millions of USA citizens to take care of

@neeceeshoo @SumiLee0 @ABC @realDonaldTrump I'm no fan, either--but I've been very impressed by how they rallied around Bubba--AND getting rid of the Confederate FLag. They are united and not wavering. Reddick felt supported enough to speak out. It's impressive to watch. I may watch a race just to show some support.

@Santucci BREAKING - Kimberly Guilfoyle tested positive for coronavirus while in SD / was expected to attend tonight’s event at Mt Rushmore. Sources familiar add Donald Trump Jr tested negative. Neither have been in direct contact with the president and did not fly on AF1 - @ABC

@LaxmanManjunath @ANI This quote of Deng Xiaoping from 1974 at @UN may not be Xi Jinping's favourite. But it does come to mind. #BoycottChina #ChinaVirus #coronavirus @washingtonpost @nytimes @TIME @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @thehill @China_Amb_India @guardian @Telegraph @SkyNews

@babel_jill @sooner_sentry5 @ABC Not worth my time to explain....

@christking0810 @ABC I am not a registered voter nor am I a West fan however I am willing to re register just to give Me.West a chance hell why not he might make a better World Leader

@laxcamps @NicolleDWallace @abc @nbc @cbs @npr @USATODAY @cnn Time for the press to talk about this not just the shiny object @realDonaldTrump vomits up each day

@Big_Boss_Deku @exspencve @CoreyHolland @TheValuesVoter @sooner_sentry5 @ABC You might want to brush up on your history. Because you are thinking of people being hung as a form of execution, Lynching are not the same thing because in most cases (especiallywhen the KKK is involved) , they were preform on random black people as a hate crime.

@sugar_dave @NorthGeorgia4 @Brasilmagic @ABC You do, though. Whining about not getting to take the Traitor Flag to a "drive fast, turn left" even smacks of your feelings being oh-so-very hurt. I'm just telling it like it is. You admire that, right?

@aliceforPOTUS @First_a_dad @Pearlhanna3 @thegabygabs @ABC Portland Place is straight-through divided street; you can anywhere west of Kingshighway through Portland Place. I’m not defending people who tore down city-owned gate on privately maintained street. I want morons who aim automatic rifles at protestors to not have them.

@SusBoz108 @GOP @realDonaldTrump Please vote for @JoeBiden It is now crystal clear that Trump and his administration do not value American lives and have failed the U.S. Their failure to respond to Covid-19 with a national plan has cost American lives and destroyed our economy. @SpeakerPelosi @CNN @AP @ABC @VP

@213NeverLanD @murray777777 @theCOORN @ABC That is a bad conclusion. If he is sickened by his brithers’ brutality why does he allow it to continue? If he does not arrest them and testify against them he is part of the problem.

@Kim35078853 @ABC @EllenBarkin Thank you @TylerReddick it’s really not that hard to be a decent human being hope others learn from your example 💕

@dianesbaker1 @gracieandmike @ABC Perhaps not always, there are consistent elements; anger, isolation, dominiatuin, cruelty, secrets, etc.; which rarely survives amongst a diverse community its where people communicate and listen to others.

@KimberlyWestco2 @ABC Calling #presidenttweety Another disaster on it's way. I know he did not start them but another distraction from the Afghanistan scandal. But another crisis he will not be able to control.

@JHoney2218 @ABC I could care less about anything having to do with @Nascar. Not another dime of my money to them, and they most certainly will not be watched on any tv in my home.

@CortesSteve “Luxury car.” Note the auto is described but not the driver? Why? Because he happens to be black, and his skin color doesn’t fit the narrative. What a shameful excuse for journalism from @ABC.

@AnthonyTreadwe9 @RedsofTfc @bearzus @ABC Maybe they should get better pull devices to make sure no one mistakenly finds a rope fashioned in the form of a noose in the drivers garages🤔. Then no one will have an issue and we all can live peacefully!

@LaxmanManjunath @adarshhal @ShefVaidya @RatanSharda55 @sankrant @Gopalee67 @ranganaathan @120croreHindus @yoginisd @astitvam @Ramesh_hjs @MakrandParanspe This quote of Deng Xiaoping from 1974 at @UN may not be Xi Jinping's favourite. But it does come to mind. #BoycottChina #ChinaVirus #coronavirus @washingtonpost @nytimes @TIME @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @thehill @China_Amb_India @guardian @Telegraph @SkyNews

@Mas5665 @ABC @GovRonDeSantis @RonDeSantisFL Throwing out a lot of nothing YOU’RE FULL IF IT Trumper. It’s not just young ppl Making Florida Sick it’s you and your Trump loving sycophant enablers not protecting the rest of us. You go to The Villages to talk smack you coward GO TO MIAMI #MSNBC

@GAHusker112 @ABC Take a good look at all his sponsors, patriots! You know what to do. Another guilt-ridden white man who finds it perfectly alright to piss-off his fan base. I do not know what you, Tyler, have done in your life to oppress other races, but leave us out of it.

@EdmundDantes44 @ABC Me: Why not list the race of the driver to avoid people jumping to a conclusion this was a race driven act of violence? ABC News:

@SaraCarterDC [email protected] spoke to @ABC' #ThisWeek on the issue of reports of 'bounties on US troops': " I don't know what the Russians have on Trump politically, personally or financially" Maybe #Pelosi should ask @BarackObama, he was "very flexible" with #Vladimir for concessions

@djbh8654 @ABC @GMA tRump repeatedly played down the threat the virus posed toward toe U.S.A. When news of the first U.S. case broke in late January, tRump declared, “We have it totally under control….It’s going to be just fine.”

@id6klub @whosallysparrow @BillMo617 @ABC It's the whole school year... Either way, it is what it is, but just wanted you to see it is the whole year and not just a semester.

@ANewDecade2020 @truthlovingdr @ABC @HighWireTalk @Catharine_L @LaLaRueFrench75 In this clip on Good Morning America, the Dr says NOT TO WEAR MASKS. Oh the hypocrisy!

@Sandman13202857 @ABC @GMA The man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Everything handed to him is somehow the champion of the working class? Give me a break. Get these boomers out of office now.

@StraightFlushu It looks like @ABC wants to hide the fact that a Black man did this. It won’t fit the Evil White People Syndrome. Hint: What’s ABC ratio of whites to non-whites working there? Fire those White Supremacists & hire people of color. That’ll teach your dumbasses a lesson. 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

@evan_francis97 Hey @ABC you forgot to share the pic of the person who ran into those protesters on the freeway. Oh crap, he's not white, guess they aren't worth mentioning then.

@spetry9 @ABC NASCAR allowing media (such as @ABC) and politicians to slander millions of Americans as "racist" and "white supremacists" was "what was right" @TylerReddick ? Do you not grasp why the apology is needed? Perhaps you believe that the end justifies the means, so who cares?

@jar8head5 @Aintthissometh1 @ABC @DrPhilGoff merriam-webster- defund is: to withdraw funding from; how can it mean different things, if your personal back account was defunded could you still accomplish your mission to pay your bills, probably not, defunding police will have the same negative effect on their mission

@LaxmanManjunath @12ka481997814 @adarshhal @ShefVaidya @RatanSharda55 @sankrant @Gopalee67 @ranganaathan @120croreHindus @yoginisd @astitvam @Ramesh_hjs @MakrandParanspe @UN @washingtonpost @nytimes @TIME @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @thehill @China_Amb_India @guardian @Telegraph @SkyNews This quote of Deng Xiaoping from 1974 at @UN may not be Xi Jinping's favourite. But it does come to mind. #BoycottChina #ChinaVirus #WuhanVirus @washingtonpost @nytimes @TIME @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @thehill @China_Amb_India @guardian @Telegraph @SkyNews

@momofhoods @ABC WHY ON EARTH would anyone pay $80k yr for that?? So glad my daughters decided not to go Ivy. Besides the whole “Some Professors are chinese spies and the rest are anarchists” thing..... js

@LaxmanManjunath @TimesNow @ghanshyamtiwari @thenewshour This quote of Deng Xiaoping from 1974 at @UN may not be Xi Jinping's favourite. But it does come to mind. #BoycottChina #ChinaVirus #coronavirus @washingtonpost @nytimes @TIME @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @thehill @China_Amb_India @guardian @Telegraph @SkyNews

@lexlex995 @_Ziggie_zaggie They are ruthless! I hope she's not pregnant. He's trying to cause long-term health conditions. @MSNBC @NAACP @aclu @maddow @cnnbrk @JoyAnnReid @ABC @nytimes @washingtonpost Do something! @ProLifeDem Call to duty. Represent!

@heyitsBethanyA @neeceeshoo @ABC @RCRracing Yes and I agree with Tyler. I was pointing out to RCR that his statement was still out there regardless of them having him take it down

@dividethe9 @GreenPeaches2 @PaulieMoyer @ABC @NASCAR @FBI Video proof online. And I agree that picture is not the same "noose" from 2019 which further proves my point. [They] are trying to frame a narrative, you bought it hook line and sinker.

@ratram1 @greensandfrways @ABC Do you think 18 knows how to treat heat stroke? I guess not. You need excessive cooling, water & other medical attention. He shouldn't be blamed.

@luckydoghot @mitchwenger3 @sooner_sentry5 @ABC Exactly. Someone needs to make up a word stronger than “gaslighting” for whatever brand of fuckery this “just a door pull” nonsense is, because that’s not quite strong enough

@tdrew110 @john1armed @ern_nasty @ABC @tsmcgee1 "you're", not "your"... as in, "You're not going to stop confirming your idiocy, are you?"

@niceflipper @ABC So glad to be Canadian...Our cases are around 150 in Ontario today but we still are not having universities go back in the fall and masks are mandatory indoors everywhere...that’s what leaders do...Doing whatever it takes

@Eli_Tobin @BklynBirny @Jrbacon50 @bbt104 @ABC @maggieNYT Don’t be salty bro, I am sure you were able to get a good education but it will never equal Harvard, not even online.

@udontgetaccess1 @VOLCALL2 @ebluefish @ABC Assuming someone is liberal or rep is just another sign of ignorance on your part. I have seen the video, I’ve also been following updates on it. Not mention the police briefing. He did drive up an exit ramp to access the highway, he did swerve around several parked cars,

@t44fts @ABC Sweet headline. #Luxury cars are killing protesters. @BMW, @MercedesBenz, @Jaguar dealers need to hire security. Will @HBO have to pull down #FordvFerrari? @ABC, how are you not embarrassed?

@First_a_dad @aliceforPOTUS @Pearlhanna3 @thegabygabs @ABC A dog barking isn’t equivalent to an angry mob destroying private property and making threats, at least not to people who aren’t so self-important to actually write in their own names in a Presidential election. You may equate a dog barking to terrorism, but us commoners don’t.

@SumiLee0 @ABC I'm not a fan of Nascar, but I do like how they are there for one of their drivers. It shows great sportsmanship. I'm glad that someone stood up to that deplorable troll @realDonaldTrump. #racistinchief

@Up4Yes @ABC Do I hear an apology for completing screwing this up @RonDeSantisFL? Because the only one who has one upped you on blowing this is #Trump who tells people to drink Clorox, take drugs given he's not a Dr that's scary & is killing the economy by not dealing with this. U r too.

@burnera68969228 @bearzus @ABC Can you show me a picture of the rope you saw... I’m not even trying to be an asshole to you yet.

@PigsSwimming @gfraites @ABC I believe that you’re referring to @ABC as they’re clearly trying to incite a race war. If that’s not what you meant, then you’re just a plain ‘ol fool.

@PZackerine @olivia_awaken @ABC JESUS CHRIST I SAID YOU WON. We will not get anywhere going back and forth. You won't change my view no matter how many pics you select to support your view and I won't change yours if I do the same. Just take the WIN that I'm allowing you to have because its a waste of time.

@gapper53 @ABC Maybe children should be taught to NOT play on Freeways & streets. Are these people too DUMB to know better? And #FakeNewsMedia has their BLOOD on their hands for promoting such HATE.

@GTrimas @Acappella888 @SyphilisHas @RNTAMMY @ABC Yes it will with no cure. Hopefully the death rate goes down. We are in the second wave. People who refuse to social distance themselves and stay in large groups without mask 😷 will further spread the virus through droplets.

@pmurphey47 @cnn @FoxNews @MSNBC @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews you all encouraged these ln leftist mobs. Now they've moved from destroying statues to attacking Christians. Don't think they won't eventually get to you. Not just white Church goers but black as well.

@GregStone_78 @ABC 2020, it all became so clear: Throwing the football with your son is more fun than lectures from the NFL. Driving on the freeway, close enough to NASCAR, less virtue signaling. The News is moments away from "You Are Not The Father!" segments. Been a good year. @michaelmalice

@KinstleJohn @abc. Deaths are down, you blantonly lie to the American people, an enemy of the American people.

@LaxmanManjunath @thehill This quote of Deng Xiaoping from 1974 at @UN may not be Xi Jinping's favourite. But it does come to mind. #BoycottChina #ChinaVirus #coronavirus @washingtonpost @nytimes @TIME @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @thehill @China_Amb_India @guardian @Telegraph @SkyNews

@vetes928 @ABC In 1638 John Harvard acquired land (stole it from indigenous people) and settled there. It all has to come down. Now. Right now. Yale on deck.

@merlisa @BillyCollins37 @ABC My grandmother lived to be 109. I'm in excellent health. Not worried at all. Stupidity already has you. So your life is already over. Not worthy of my time. Bye.

@TheReal_LeviD @lmatkinson @ScottAdamLipsky @ABC He was still saying it was a noose after the FBI conclusion said it clearly wasn’t. He doubled down until the media pressure made him “stop lying”. Dude that “NOOSE” hanging was there for months or even years according to the FBI!!!!

@captcrunch32 @sooner_sentry5 @tehipisehaka @ABC It's not. But it's also yesterday's "noose". The president gave a great, non-partisan speech on July 3. Statues being torn down, cities being run into the ground...why is @realDonaldTrump tweeting about NASCAR and Bubba Wallace? THIS should be the focus.

@Durf42 @ABC You mean he wasn't getting paid to not beat some protester at the time?

@burr_al To all the anarchists u will never take down OLD GLORY & the USA many tried & they all failed @realDonaldTrump @RealJamesWoods @FoxNews @dbongino @DonaldJTrumpJr @CNN @ABC @NBCNews @CBSNews @nytimes @washingtonpost @WSJ @nypost @seanhannity @GOPLeader

@raesfaves @ABC COULD NOT USE “RACE CARD”. let’s try to divide by CLASS by saying “luxury” car. How about the truth “black man driving LUXURY car hit a white protestor” hmm, it doesn’t fit your narrative.HYPOCRITES!!! Liars. @potus @JesseBWatters

@Chronicdetecti1 @ABC The spin on this headline is amazing, not even trying to hide it anymore.

@fish22dry @Mazarin221b @crabalocker2 @conley_cathy @sooner_sentry5 @ABC Here's the thing about noose-knots. They're good for one thing. It is not anything that doesn't involve breaking necks. They consume a ton of rope and are actually not very strong at all. You cannot tie one and not expect any reasonable person to ask why. Car guys are practical.

@waitng4thtdance @nbc @abc @hulu @netflix @poptv @tbs @cbs ONE MORE SEASON IS ALL WE WANT. Just one to wrap everything up. JUST ONE! #singleparents #savesingleparents (i will not give up.)

@dividethe9 @GreenPeaches2 @PaulieMoyer @ABC @NASCAR @FBI It's common sense. The facility was well guarded and secure, so who would have committed the hate crime? His own driving team come on! No one had access to his garage except him and his driving team or track officials. Who has never seen a pull down rope before?🙄

@Catheri61565097 @ABC Bubba better not apologize for a noose found in his stall.trump needs to apologize for all the crime he has committed, all the people that has lost their lives 130,007 to be exact ofCovid-19 rove exact all the Black men the police murdered,all the Black men that was hung.

@Pete4709 #ABC @ABC - you are a disgusting disgrace to humanity. You are truly THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! Why would you try to make this a class issue by suggesting it was a luxury vehicle. God is watching you. Karma. #ABC #EnemyOfThePeople

@zfjmtedrom @ABC Trump’s going down in November. We all just have to unite and stand strong so we can build a better America in 2021.

@sasQwatch_17 @AlienKawala @toddzilla46 @MaryWills612 @ABC Even the CDC recently said you only need to wear masks around the sick. Not in public..

@LaxmanManjunath @washingtonpost This quote of Deng Xiaoping from 1974 at @UN may not be Xi Jinping's favourite. But it does come to mind. #BoycottChina #ChinaVirus #coronavirus @washingtonpost @nytimes @TIME @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @thehill @China_Amb_India @guardian @Telegraph @SkyNews

@ronald_boring @ABC @GMA Trump is not doctor trump, great president but needs to butt out of medical things.

@weatherbryan @ABC @GeorgiaTech Many prestigious universities are going online... And you're saying that you're going to meet in person AND not require masks? As GT Alumni I would expect greater concern for student and faculty health. 😷

@Randy_SiestaKey @ABC It’s getting much better not worse don’t let the media continue to spread fear. This is purely political. Enemy of the people!!

@aliceforPOTUS @First_a_dad @Pearlhanna3 @thegabygabs @ABC Remember this discussion the next time your neighbor’s dog nuisance barks all night and, when you confront him to suggest he train his dog not to bark, he points an automatic weapon at you.

@TheReal_LeviD @whatsnewstome @ABC @NASCAR You: NASCAR is racist cuz they have a flag that some people think is racist. Also you: NASCAR has done a great job with Wallace in fighting fake racism. Make up your mind and stick to the truth not your feelings.

@GloriaT88012257 @RalphLe89722505 @KelsieUlrick @nobama83 @ABC It's just if he was going to get in trouble for this. He should of taken out 20 instead of 2. They need to be in bed at that time of night to get a good night's sleep for work in the morning. Sick of the working class has to pay for their asses that don't work and Protest.

@mitchwenger3 @Opinionatorist @SoCalHeavy858 @LoveBGees @sooner_sentry5 @ABC You saying it doesn’t look like a noose? Couldn’t be perceived by people to be a symbol of racism? It’s not like it was a panda bear, it looks exactly like a noose. Was perceived as such and really not hard to understand why.

@LaxmanManjunath @SkyNews This quote of Deng Xiaoping from 1974 at @UN may not be Xi Jinping's favourite. But it does come to mind. #BoycottChina #ChinaVirus #coronavirus @washingtonpost @nytimes @TIME @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @thehill @China_Amb_India @guardian @Telegraph @SkyNews

@francissmythe @ABC Tick Tock you moron —This is going to be a shocking revelation to many people. A “racist” is a person who has a prejudice against people of another race, not a person who disagrees with a Marxist #BLM Liberal hoax promoter. Enjoy your bankruptcy @NASCAR Good riddance

@UrBallotMatters @KellyLongo10 @ABC Do you object to all health & safety measures undertaken by NASCAR drivers? Should they not wear a helmet & seatbelt? 🙄

@LouLeawood @ABC Cases. What about hospitalizations? Or deaths? No report on that, I’m guessing because it’s not as DEADLY as @abc would like us to believe. How many flu cases?

@mitchwenger3 @Sp4cePigz @cskap @sooner_sentry5 @ABC Exactly. Not sure he or she was a fool, but it looked like a noose, it’s an easy mistake to make based on how it looks and that it’s the only one of its kind. The lengths people want to go to to defend it seems bizarre to me.

@HerveyRennie @ABC Bubba tell Trump to go fugg himself! A Traiters flag does not belong in AMERICA! If you are a patriot, lose the fucking flag!

@213NeverLanD @murray777777 @theCOORN @ABC It is his job to arrest criminals whether they are police or not. If there were so many good cops who did their jobs we would not have bad cops.

@babor3736 Tell it Ladies! where is blm, Al? It's not about blm...but about trying to destroy Our Country and Our President! Lawlessness disguised as protest @realDonaldTrump @PressSec @WhiteHouse @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @FoxNews @ABC @CBS @NBCNightlyNews @alm @blm @TheRevAl @JoeBiden

@GeNzEEX @ABC Its about time to uncover what illegal projects are being facilitated. It's time to face the military complex and dark projects, interplanetary contact must be in peace not militarized.

@neeceeshoo @heyitsBethanyA @ABC @RCRracing So you seem to think he will be punished for it? His quote is great--NASCAR's business is NOT the president's issue. Bubba owes no apology. The president is trying to sow division. Reddick is letting him know that isn't going to happen.

@KnowYourObama @ABC All I see is a Governor making excuses for his poor leadership. Looking at you @GovRonDeSantis. You with the failed unemployment system and the lack of leadership on covid. All he had to do was lead but it's not a skill that he has

@BruceGorodetsky @ABC Stop talking BS and do something before the bodies start stacking up in front of your door. Be a Gov. not a @realDonaldTrump suck up. You didn't close down fast enough or complete enough and opened way to soon. own up and fix it!! #DeSantisBetrayedFlorida #DeSantisFailedFlorida

@LloydPMacKay1 @ABC Continued: Black leaders being paid to help appear not to know what to do! Even President Trump offered to set up help with dangerous problem! Black author says Black Movement in USA stuck in 60’s needs serious help! Black Leaders and Democratic Party no help so far! EMERG MEETNG

@susanan23080452 @ABC @KellyAnnPolls 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Thank you for standing up to the divider in chief! He is using white suprematism to divide our country! Let’s not let him! #TrumpIsARacist #TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER #TrumpIsA_DANGER_ToAmerica

@RickyRayinGA [email protected] @NBCNews @CBSNews @CNN @MSNBC just like the fake polls they push are skewing Covid info. #1 State for Covid deaths per million is NJ and #2 NY. Not reporting recovery rate or death rates, just reporting numbers infected. Working hard to shut down Texas and Florida with BS.

@AnthonyTreadwe9 @DonoTheVillain @slross58 @Nascarster @democracylives2 @ABC @NASCAR @TylerReddick It was a noose guy but you don’t want to admit that because you are apart of the American issue!

@213NeverLanD @murray777777 @theCOORN @ABC In the protests sometimes police would take a knee with the protesters to show that they are good guys and they do not like brutality. Then an hour later they beat the peaceful protesters with batons or used tear gas and rubber bullets.

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