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This looks like A great way to cover up vax deathsASTRAZENECA CREATES SUPER SPREADERS, CONFIRMEDIt is hard to win when the enemy in all nations is all part of the same teamThe current defcon levelObrador is in a military hospital with a heart conditionCue the pox!Probably rumor: Wal-Mart getting rid of price tagsThis has GOT TO be a joke:A reader wrote and said "We are already over a million dead, Rense has the numbers"This is the first credible source I have come across indicating war with Russia is probably inevitable when they recall a product, it means they take it back. How then, will they get that vax out of everyone's veins???This was real easy to fact check, it is legitImagine Putin looking at BidenSupposedly Three tankers were blown up with drones in the port of Abu Dhabi.It appears every victory gained yesterday has been diminished or reversed todayA few quick items My Father in law got Astrazeneca. I mentioned this over Christmas and how he got kicked out of my house (fortunately by someone else) over it. He then got my brother in law (who he was living with) sick with Covid despite my brother in law having the Sputnik vax. Father in law tested negative. So he ran away to the family on the bus and EVERYONE rejected him. He then got stuck in a small town bus station at 1 AM which **FORCED** a family member in that town to take him in. Within a week, that household came down with Covid. One kid got super sick and I sent Ivermectin, with which he recovered. Father in law is now an absolute pariahMonkeys on the loose, just like the movie "outbreak"(I will check up on this in case it really happened)Now there are rumors that "they" want a nuclear exchange so they can explain where all the vaxxed dead went. That would not surprise me AT ALL. "They" are hopelessly busted in their Corona con job, and they will be perfectly happy to murder their way out of accountability, no matter what it takes, including nukes. That happens to be a big problem and a big reality when society allows itself to be ruled by psychopaths one way or another, in this case via rigged elections that have been going on for 30 years.If you don't want to translate the Greek, just scroll down. It is well documented in an understandable way half way down the page.This chart is one I did based on CDC data calculated forward to show when TS is really going to hit TF from these shots. Is it accurate??? Time will tell, but even if the numbers are not that extreme something will definitely happen. This is American deaths, per month, in millions, for the age group 25-34.They then censored, banned, de-funded, and slandered ANYONE who dared tried to post about their maimed and dead loved ones in alt and social media, while they murdered, un-licensed and de-platformed any doctor that spoke up well enough to get noticed. They gave ENORMOUS pay to people in the medical field who saw it happen, but were corrupt enough to keep giving the shots because they would get a bonus. Don't go to the hospital now, especially in the U.S. because you are guaranteed to meet a staff that is a morally depraved piece of sh*t that already murdered for money. That is where we are at. A "recall" is simply not going to cut it.And NO, the Jews did not get the MRNA shot in Israel, it is well known there were 3 variants of the MRNA shot and that one was completely fake while bearing the same label. No matter how much they scream about "being hurt more than anyone" it will only be cover to hide the fact they did this to everyone - their "modus operandi" - a load of shit.UPDATE: A reader corrected me and said that barrier has been in place since march.ORIGINAL POST: I am calling this "credible rumor" but cannot find any MSM source to back it up yet
is wartime server world class truth

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